Sanja Kolenko

Hi! Welcome and thank you for dropping by!


My name is Sanja, and I’m a Croatian-based children’s book illustrator with a particular interest in Slavic folklore. I’ve always been fascinated by the stories I’d hear from old folk, and when opportunity knocked on my door, I embraced it and started breathing new life into old lore.


As incredible of a starting point as my local folklore might’ve been, I didn’t let it stop me from trying new and exciting things, too. To that end, much of my work meshes the modern with the old in an attempt to create something fresh, new, and intriguing.


From standalone illustrations all the way to fully-fledged children’s books and various promotional materials, all of my illustrations have a certain something that makes them truly pop. This, I believe, is what makes them worthwhile for the viewer.


My illustrations are all digital, but I pride myself in making them look more traditional than you’d expect. The goal is to convey a certain sense of atmosphere and coziness that isn’t necessarily a given in modern artwork.


I’m enjoying the slow life in my charming countryside home, finding beauty and magic in the small, everyday things. 

For any enquiries, feel free to contact me.