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Štefekovi jadi – od A do Ž (Štefek’s Woes – from A to Z)

illustration and graphic design

Štefekovi jadi od A do Ž – ebook

This children’s book is written by young Croatian teacher and writer Josipa Kocman Grošinić. She imagined it to be a continuation and somewhat of a children’s version of her already published book, a dictionary of a local Kajkavian dialect in Croatia.

Two pages from the children’s book Štefekovi jadi – od A do Ž

For this project I fully illustrated and designed 20 pages. The story is fun and warm so my desire was to match the original tone with my illustrations.

Grandpa and grandchild

The author planed to self-publish, but Croatian publishing house Ljevak liked it so much they published it as an ebook. This lovely tale will also get a printed form in the near future. Until then you can see it by clicking here.

A small dictionary and a game are also included in the book.

My Grandma is Like the Sea

children's book grandma

Written and self-published by an Australian writer Natalie Franćeska, this children’s book depicts the time she had spent with her grandmothers and the wisdom she’s learned from their stories and lives.

She looks back on the long, warm summers she had spent on the Croatian coast.

This children’s book contains 32 fully illustrated pages and is published in a total of three versions: it is being printed in hardcover and paperback, and it’s available as a fully-fledged e-book.

grandma and child working in the garden illustration
Garden Spread

Saškine čokoladne pustolovine (Saška’s Chocolate Adventures)

-illustrations and graphic design

Saška’s Chocolate Adventures is another one of my successful collaborations with the Croatian publisher Šumek. This picture book is dedicated to abandoned dogs and to the people who adopt them.

Sanja Graša adopted an adorable chocolate dog named Saška and then wrote a warm story about her life’s journey. I am glad that I had the opportunity to work on this project. It is always a pleasure to dedicate my work to signal boosting important subjects. Providing much-needed help and a warm home to abandoned animals is definitely one of them.

This picture book has over 50 colorfully illustrated pages. It was declared the best-selling picture book of 2020 by the Karlovac library Knjiguljica.

Zagonetka grofa Draškovića (The Riddle of Count Draskovic)

-illustrations and graphic design

Zagonetka grofa Draškovića is an illustrated children’s guide that offers a fun, educational, and adventurous walk around Lake Trakošćan. Count Drašković got in trouble because the dragon of Trakošćan hid his sword, and he is asking for children to help him get it back.

The guide is designed as a treasure hunt, and it encourages children to read information boards around the lake to come up with solutions to various puzzles provided by the dragon.

The idea for this project came from Litops, who designed the innovative formatting and layout of the guide, as well as writing the related text. The project was implemented in cooperation with the official governing body of the Trakošćan Castle, and funded by the Croatian Ministry of Culture. Personally, this is one of my favorite projects. You can ask for a free copy at the box office of the Trakošćan Castle Museum!

Kako je Danko postao stablo (How Danko became a Tree)

-illustrations and graphic design

Kako je Danko postao stablo is one of my first commercial projects, kickstarting my career as an illustrator. The story was written by Ivana Francišković Olrom, and was published by the Croatian publishing house, Šumek.

The picture book ‘Kako je Danko postao stablo’ is a touching story about the friendship between a boy and a tree, a story about nature and people, learning, growing up and transience. This picture book contains almost 30 fully illustrated pages, and was declared one of the best-selling picture books of 2020 by the Karlovac library Knjiguljica.