Zagonetka grofa Draškovića (The Riddle of Count Draskovic)

-illustrations and graphic design

Zagonetka grofa Draškovića is an illustrated children’s guide that offers a fun, educational, and adventurous walk around Lake Trakošćan. Count Drašković got in trouble because the dragon of Trakošćan hid his sword, and he is asking for children to help him get it back.

The guide is designed as a treasure hunt, and it encourages children to read information boards around the lake to come up with solutions to various puzzles provided by the dragon.

The idea for this project came from Litops, who designed the innovative formatting and layout of the guide, as well as writing the related text. The project was implemented in cooperation with the official governing body of the Trakošćan Castle, and funded by the Croatian Ministry of Culture. Personally, this is one of my favorite projects. You can ask for a free copy at the box office of the Trakošćan Castle Museum!

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