Štefekovi jadi – od A do Ž (Štefek’s Woes – from A to Z)

illustration and graphic design

Štefekovi jadi od A do Ž – ebook

This children’s book is written by young Croatian teacher and writer Josipa Kocman Grošinić. She imagined it to be a continuation and somewhat of a children’s version of her already published book, a dictionary of a local Kajkavian dialect in Croatia.

Two pages from the children’s book Štefekovi jadi – od A do Ž

For this project I fully illustrated and designed 20 pages. The story is fun and warm so my desire was to match the original tone with my illustrations.

Grandpa and grandchild

The author planed to self-publish, but Croatian publishing house Ljevak liked it so much they published it as an ebook. This lovely tale will also get a printed form in the near future. Until then you can see it by clicking here.

A small dictionary and a game are also included in the book.

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